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Mineral oil-based thermal fluids

Thermal Fluid Solutions supply a full range of branded thermal oils from a plethora of national and international blenders.

However with costs coming under more detailed scrutiny and downward pressures, we at Thermal Fluid Solutions have used our specialist knowledge & experience to develop our own brand of fluid. This fluid which carries the very latest in additive technology has been designed to compete on price with no compromise to life or performance.   

HTS Magma Extreme

HTS Magma Extreme from Thermal Fluid Solutions is a high quality liquid phase heat transfer oil for use in closed circulatory systems equipped with inerted expansion tanks and operating at bulk temperatures between –7°C and +315°C.

HTS Magma Extreme is based on highly refined paraffinic base oil and performance additives which give it excellent resistance to oxidation and thermal cracking.

HTS Magma Extreme can be used in both closed and open circulatory systems, though as with all mineral oils if operated in systems above 150°C nitrogen blanketing is highly recommended.


  • Excellent stability against oxidation and thermal degradation
  • Good heat transfer properties for improved operating efficiency
  • Non corrosive and non toxic
  • Extended oil service life

20 ltr kegs, 200 ltr drums, IBCs and Tanker Options are all available.

Our standard UK delivery option (3-5 working days) is included in the quoted price.

Call for a price now on 0800 917 9274

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