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Synthetic Fluids

TFS offer a full range and choice of heat-stable synthetic fluids developed specifically for indirect transfer of process heat from -85c to 345c.

Synthetic heat transfer fluids can meet the operating needs of virtually any single or multiple user thermal fluid system. In properly designed systems, these heat transfer fluids will perform within their respective temperature ranges for extended periods without breakdown or thermal degradation.

With stock here in the UK our full range and your choice of synthetic heat transfer fluids are available in various types and operating ranges, all of which can provide superior benefits .



Efficient Operation,

Minimum Maintenance

Precise Temperature Control.


Fluids are available for temperatures ranging as low as -85 degrees centigrade and as high as 345 degrees centigrade.

Vapour phase fluids are available operating up to 400 degrees centigrade.


Whether you require assistance in selecting or switching synthetic thermal fluids feel free to call and ask for advice or a quotation.

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