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Thermal Fluid Solutions News

  • May
  • 24

Flash Points And How To Maintain Them

Many companies within the UK’s process industries operate thermal fluid systems to transfer heat. ATEX and DSEAR legislation stipulate that these firms must proactively maintain their thermal fluid system assets in order to prevent the risk of fire or explosion. Click here >

  • May
  • 7

TFS Sample Station – Safe and Convenient Oil Extraction

Designed for the safe and convenient extraction of thermal oils for testing, the Thermal Fluid Solutions’ Sample Station removes a sample of fluid from the system and allows this to cool, whilst excluding air. Click here >

  • Apr
  • 27

Top tips for managing thermal fluids and their systems

Risk in thermal fluid systems is always high. That’s why it’s important to understand how to monitor and manage risk, to create a safe working environment and keep fluids working at optimum performance. Continuous monitoring of thermal fluids and their systems not only helps firms to save money, but it can also eliminate future risks, improving employee safety and, crucially, saving lives. Click here >

  • Mar
  • 23

Understanding Thermal Fluids

Ensuring that all members of your maintenance teams are aware of the challenges of thermal fluid systems and the risks these can create is paramount to providing a consistently safe working environment. We believe it is vital to have a process that employees follow to ensure the safety of themselves and those around them. Click here >