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Introducing our new ATEX rig for Petrochem and Fine Chemicals

TFS has been working with DOW Chemicals to introduce a CE marked ATEX Zone II certified ‘flashpoint recovery’ rig that meets DOW’s strict operational and safety requirements.

“We are very pleased to have had the full cooperation of DOW in helping us develop our latest equipment to meet their requirements” said TFS Sales Director John Shorthouse. “Dow is the worlds largest supplier of synthetic heat transfer fluids and so having them as a client is a huge boost to us at TFS.”

The new rig has been undergoing trials at a DOW joint venture, Equipolymers, Schkopau, Germany. Equipolymers manufacture 1000 tonnes of PET for plastic bottles per day and the whole process is driven by Dowtherm heat transfer fluid operating at 330°C.

“The opportunity to use our technology to monitor, target and remove identified degradation products such as toluene and napthalene from an operating plant is extremely valuable. The site benefits from the removal of the ‘low boilers’ while TFS benefit from the data as well as the reference.”