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New Sample Station from TFS

Most Thermal Fluid systems operate above the fluid's CCFP and must be treated on a risk assessment basis. Thermal fluids must therefore be sampled regularly and tested to determine Closed Cup Flashpoint. Since volatile components (including water) will evaporate if the fluid is exposed to atmosphere close to or above their boiling point, the sample must be removed at low temperature.

Sample Station Specification

The TFS Sample Station is designed for the safe and convenient removal of a sample of fluid from Thermal Fluid Systems. Fluid is drawn from the system and allowed to cool whilst exluding air. Release of valatile vapours is minimised through the inclusion of a cold seal chamber. Industry standard double block and bleed valves are utilised on the inlet. Pipework is 304 stainless steel with compression fittings which allow period inspection, maintenance and cleaning.

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