• 1996

    For testing, analysis and supply of heat transfer fluids

  • 1998

    DTI contribute £45,000 towards a £76,000 R&D project

  • 1999

    Permanent installation at Cargill site and first trailer mounted rig commissioned

  • 2002

    A huge leap in customer service offering on the spot analysis and disaster recovery

  • 2003

    DTI contribute £90,426 towards a £300,000 R&D project

  • 2003

    Mobile sub-zero Heat Transfer Fluid Dryer delivered to Pfizer Ireland

  • 2004

    Bristol-Myers Squibb purchase mobile rig for multi production facility site. Pfizer Ireland purchase permanent installation

  • 2006

    Airbus Aviation install permanent rig into their aviation fuel testing facility

  • 2008

    Emda contribute £200,000 towards £500,000 R&D project

  • 2009

    HTS was selected by East Midlands Development Agency to join its prestigious High Growth scheme

  • 2010

    The HTfluidfit service continues to be developed with the birth of the further more efficient Flash Point Recovery Equipment

  • 2011

    North American HTfluidfit service launched to satisfy a growing demand from the market place to efficiently deal with the costs and safety issues surrounding the operation of Thermal Oil Systems

  • 2012

    2012 sees the birth of TFS, a completely service-dedicated company offering a full range of Fluid Recovery, site services, training, auditing and compliance

  • 2013

    TFS invests in new fully ATEX compliant recovery rigs to serve the highly regulated Petrochemical market place