TFS Pump Suppression System

For effective fire control and prevention

Pump mechanical seal failure is the most common single cause of thermal fluid incidents, often resulting in fires that cause significant operational damage. Pump protection is critical to your business. It provides exceptional value spend against risk reduction.

TFS Pump Suppression System

The TFS Pump Suppression System is a bespoke site-specific, user friendly and low cost solution offering effective fire control / prevention. The system combines preventative monitoring with active fire suppression response.


  • Uses AFFF fire suppressant (designed for oil fire), as well as other extinguisher media.
  • Bespoke shields with deluge (fusible tubing – bursts at the point of maximum heat)
  • Directional nozzles aimed at high risk point sources
  • Local or control room alarm system indicates operation
  • Smoke detector mounting points
  • Solenoid valve operational for E-stop or control system actuation
  • Complete connectivity enables local or remote activation


  • Autonomous, self-contained system for dependable operation
  • No mandatory power supply or control system connection
  • Replaces need for pump shaft guarding
  • Retrofit installation able to accommodate connection to other installed systems
  • Optional annual service agreement

Integrate the TFS Pump Suppression System into your site and benefit from early risk detection, less downtime & potential cost savings. For complete peace of mind, contact us on +44(0) 1298 815 862 or click here.


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