May 31

Improved Efficiency with HT FluidClean

Over time, insoluble elements in thermal fluids (from the surfaces of pipes and pumps or the oxidation of oil) can harden. These solids can cause major issues within the heat exchanges, including reduced heat transmission, restricted flow and reduced efficiency of your thermal fluid system. Left untreated, they can also…

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May 16

Farewell to our Sales Manager as he Retires

The TFS team wish a fond farewell to Phil Henly as he hangs up his sales hat and heads into retirement. With over 30 years’ experience in technical sales, Phil joined the Thermal Fluid Solutions team in March 2015 as their dedicated european sales manager. Later this month, Phil will…

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Apr 18

International Year of the Periodic Table

Our expertise in chemistry lies at the heart of our work to provide process industries worldwide with a comprehensive range of thermal fluid system support, maintenance and risk management services. It is our understanding and application of this discipline that supports us in our work to enable customers’ thermal fluid…

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Apr 02

Introducing… Lesley Frohwein

Here at Thermal Fluid Solutions, we’ve introduced a feature to help you to get to know our great team a little better. This month focuses on our Laboratory Technician, Lesley Frohwein.

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Feb 28

Improved Safety with HT FluidFit

Introducing HT FluidFit. Our revolutionary flashpoint recovery service ensures the safe, compliant maintenance of flashpoints in thermal fluid systems, a real alternative to the costly and time-consuming process of fluid disposal and re-filling of systems.

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