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Managing Your Thermal Oil Risk

Are You Managing Your Thermal Oil Risk? – How Compliance Can Improve Performance and Reduce Costs

In this webinar, TFS Managing Director Richard Franklin and TFS Americas CEO Marc Gingras discuss how to manage your thermal fluid system to minimise the risk of fire or explosion, improve operational performance and efficiency and eliminate unnecessary costs.

Join our webinar and Q&A on Tuesday 11th August

What can you expect?

  • What does compliance involve?
  • How ‘Compliance’ can bring specialist knowledge in to the open?
  • How to make ‘Compliance’ a Tool to indicate ‘System Health’.
  • How a ‘Compliance-Aware’ team can identify problems before they occur.
  • How to make ‘Compliance’ achieve efficiency, safety and reliability & Visa Versa!

Make demonstrating compliance, demonstrate success!