MHTM 2500 – FlashPoint Recovery Equipment

TFS offers a ground-breaking flashpoint recovery service to ensure the safe, compliant maintenance of flashpoints in thermal fluid system. So you won’t need a costly and unnecessary drain and refill.


MHTM 2500 – The Portable Thermal Fluid Flash Point Recovery Unit from TFS

The patented TFS method of VOC removal has been proven to achieve higher flash points much faster than any other method available on the market today. A revolutionary, proactive service for the maintenance and safety of thermal fluids, it offers a real alternative to the costly and time consuming process of fluid disposal and re-filling of systems.

Featuring stringent dual level safety protection, the MHTM 2500 Freestanding Portable Thermal Fluid Flash Recovery Unit offers a safe result with minimum input. The MHTM 2500 is different to all other systems that attempt to maintain and recover closed cup flash point degradation due to its unique ability to recover open cup flash points and fire points which are both directly related to the risk of fire and explosion in the event of a fluid release.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduced risk and improved safety
  • Extended fluid life
  • No system downtime
  • Can be used to remove elevated water levels from thermal fluid
  • Skid mounted with full colour HMI interface – no special foundations required
  • Reduced waste
  • Consistent heat transfer performance
  • Consistent viscosity and vapour pressure
  • Reduced carbon footprint
When assessing the thermal fluid’s condition to consider its suitability of continued use, a key indicator is the increase in flammability of the fluid.

To judge this as fully as possible there are a number of key factors that should be investigated:

  • Closed Cup Flashpoint
  • Open Cup Flashpoint
  • Fire Point
  • Auto-ignition Temperature

It MUST be understood that to assume that the maintenance of ‘Closed Cup Flashpoint’ alone to manage the risk is an error.

Simply maintaining the ‘Closed Cup Flashpoint’ above 100ºC will reduce the likelihood of pump failure through cavitation and will meet some industry and insurance expectations, however, it has no impact on the size and volatility of a ‘flammable atmosphere’ or ‘cloud’ following a release of thermal fluid at operational temperature through catastrophic failure or accidental release.

A key part of the MHTM 2500 function is to achieve high ‘Open Cup Flashpoints’ and ‘Fire Points’. The process also removes the smallest fractions and manages ‘Closed Cup’ flash points too.

The TFS MHTM 2500 process stands alone in its extensive management of flammability to reduce risk both within the system to ensure operational stability and in the maintenance of all measures of flammability to ensure that in the event of failure then the generation of a flammable atmosphere is minimised.

Product Sheet

Download the product sheet: MHTM 2500


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