Synthetic Fluids

TFS synthetic fluids offer economy, efficiency and superior performance and are suitable for use in most single or multiple user thermal fluid systems. Where the system has been properly designed, they will perform within their respective temperature ranges for extended periods without breakdown or thermal degradation.


  • Superior performance
  • Cost-effective
  • Long service life
  • Precise temperature control
  • Improved system efficiency
  • Reduced system maintenance


We hold a full range of synthetic heat transfer fluids for systems operating at temperatures between -85°C and 345°C.

Vapour phase fluids are also available for operating temperatures up to 400°C.

20 ltr kegs, 200 ltr drums, intermediate bulk container (IBCs) and tanker options are available.

Standard UK delivery is 3-5 working days.

Therminol 62 Heat Transfer Fluid

Therminol 62 is a synthetic heat transfer fluid; specially chosen due to
its custom contoured chemistry for high-performance, low pressure and
exceptional thermal stability. Specifically designed to increase operation
reliability and reduce running costs.

Therminol 66 Heat Transfer Fluid

Therminol 66 is a reliable high temperature, liquid phase heat transfer fluid.
Pumpable at low temperatures and offering high temperature thermal
stability, Therminol 66 is a proven fluid, improving operation efficiency.

Therminol D-12 Heat Transfer Fluid

Therminol D-12 is a synthetic liquid phase heat transfer fluid with high
performance heat transfer properties over a wide temperature range.
This fluid is ideally suited for applications requiring efficient cooling and
heating, along with food manufacturing environments.

Therminol LT Heat Transfer Fluid

Therminol LT is a superior synthetic aromatic heat transfer fluid,
specifically chosen for its characteristics of heat transfer properties. Ideal
for both the liquid phase and vapor phase, it has excellent heat transfer
and fluid properties for low temperature applications.

Therminol SP Heat Transfer Fluid

Therminol SP is a synthetic heat transfer fluid used in moderate
temperature applications. Designed for use in non-pressurised or lowpressure
indirect heating systems, Therminol SP delivers an efficient and
dependable performance.

Therminol XLT Heat Transfer Fluid

Therminol XLT is a synthetic liquid phase heat transfer fluid with excellent
heat transfer and fluid properties for extremely low temperature applications.
This fluid is ideally suited for single fluid heating and cooling systems.
Therminol XLT is a TFS product of choice for low temperature performance.

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