Do you want to use your thermal fluids more safely, cut operational costs, improve workplace safety, and boost productivity?

The PACT Partner Programme is for you

When it comes to thermal oil systems, there’s a lot to think about. We’re here to help with our PACT Partner Programme – a proactive and continually evolving thermal fluid management programme – which is tailored to the specific characteristics and needs of your operations.

Designed to improve safety, improve performance, ensure compliance and support knowledge building, PACT is an invaluable support package.

Ideal for any manufacturing processing operation that uses thermal oil systems, PACT delivers all the knowledge and tools your business needs to avoid catastrophic incidents, improve day-to-day safety and improve efficiency.

Why is the management of Thermal Oil Systems so important?

Thermal Fluid Solutions advocates for a positive, proactive approach to thermal fluid maintenance via PACT. Regular maintenance, knowledge and auditing of systems helps to minimise risk; ensuring your systems are running efficiently, safely and are compliant.

In a managed system, thermal fluids do not suddenly degrade overnight, they gradually and steadily start to degrade as they approach the end of their practical working life. Regular maintenance eliminates inefficient and unsafe production.

Poor thermal fluid management can have a significant impact on a plant. Fluid degradation can lead to catastrophic events, which put both property and lives at risk. There are also the commercial cost implications associated with breakdowns, replacements and downtime to consider.

Benefits to your business

Improved Safety

Improved overall operational safety

Reduced risk of fire and explosion

Full compliance

Full compliance with national and international regulations

Reduced business risk

Improved Performance

Improved performance

Increased productivity and system efficiency

Knowledge Building

Knowledge building

A wider understanding of the impact of your operation on your thermal oil systems

PACT Gateway

The PACT™ Partner Programme is accessed via PACT Gateway – a foundation level package that unlocks expert, world class support to help you start your journey towards total compliance.

PACT Gateway Diagram

Did you know that 54% of all total losses attributed to thermal oil incidents are due to lack of maintenance or training?

Don’t let this happen to you.

Join PACT and reach operational excellence.

How PACT works

We deliver the PACT Partner Programme via a combination of face-to-face and remote channels, with the training element now available online.

The programme spans four modules, beginning with essential sampling, testing and risk identification working through to GAP analysis and improvement planning and ultimately the creation of a bespoke programme designed to improve reliability, productivity and uptime for your specific operational environment.

Members of PACT gain access to an online portal, ‘My Thermal Oil’, which allows operatives to keep track of maintenance, analysis and even training progress.

The four modules of PACT

1. Fluid Management Programme

Comprehensive fluid sampling and expert analysis can help you better understand the condition of your fluid and the steps you can take to reduce risk. Regular sampling and analysis ensures fluids comply with current legislation and is an essential element of your risk management strategy.

Thermal Fluid Solutions perform a set of tests to understand your processes and identify any changes that you may need to make to your system. This involves:

  • Testing your fluid by collecting a sample and running a test in our own stringent quality- controlled laboratory, or by using a testing report from your own laboratory.
  • Advanced testing and IMPACT analysis to assess the fluid condition and highlight any issues, such as high carbon, low flashpoint.

Above and beyond industry standards, our unique IMPACT analysis supports the proactive management of your system. Because prevention is better than cure.

2. PACT Training

Our established training provision includes three courses:
Level 1 Annual Refresher Course, Level 2 Advanced Awareness Course and Level 3 Emergency Response Course.

Annual RefresherAdvanced AwarenessEmergency Response
Operators at all levels gain an initial understanding of system safety controls and fire suppression systemInteractive, Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT). This course provides a detailed insight on proactive system management suitable for supervisors and management.This course gives employees the advanced knowledge required to make quick decisions in an emergency and implement escalation prevention measures.

We now offer online training through our learning management system and knowledge hub, which is accessed via the MyThermalOil portal on our website.

3. PACT Auditing

We’ll carry out a full system review on a three-year cycle under our PACT Total Audit. This will monitor your system integrity, conformity, safety and performance.

You’ll be able to access our quarterly improvement plan via the MyThermalOil portal. We’ll also provide a quarterly follow up to discuss progress and any additional support that’s needed.

4. PACT Support

Our PACT Support package will guide you every step of the way. As well as helping your business achieve ‘best in class’ with the help of technology like predictive controls and AI, we will give you access to a host of expert resources to support you going forward.

We’ll also provide remote support to your team if you need us to.

PACT Partner Programme

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