Solids Removal

Our pioneering filtration technology ensures the effective removal of solids from thermal fluids without the need for expensive fluid changes.

Solids Removal


  • Reduced thermal fluid costs
  • Improved system efficiency
  • Improved safety
  • No system down time


Over time, insoluble elements in thermal fluids (from the surfaces of pipes and pumps or the oxidation of oil) can harden. These solids can cause fouling to heat exchanges, reduced heat transmission, restricted flow and reduced efficiency of your thermal fluid system. They can also cause excessive wear and tear to system components.

Often this problem is solved with a full fluid change – but it needn’t be.


TFS Solids Removal Service

More than 20 years’ industry experience has enabled us to develop specialist filtration technology that effectively removes solids from thermal fluid systems. And it does so without the need for an expensive, time consuming and unnecessary fluid change.

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