Flushing and Cleaning

Our TFS Flushing Fluid and Agent are fast acting fluids, used to effectively restore cleanliness of thermal oils for maximum system efficiency, thermal stability and reduced system downtime.

High Flash Point


Maximum system efficiency

Reduced system downtime

Fast acting

Cost effective

Flushing Agent

When used prior to a fluid change, our TFS Flushing Agent is added to the
body of the old fluid, as a small percentage removes the insoluble gums,
sludge and varnish that can result from the mineral oil oxidation process
and cause reduced performance in heat transfer systems. Fast acting, it
restores cleanliness and thermal stability for maximum system efficiency.

Flushing Fluid

Our Thermal Fluid Solutions Flushing Fluid is a pioneering flushing
fluid compatible and miscible with synthetic and heat transfer fluid,
it quickly and effectively removes deposits left on interior surfaces by
oxidized, thermally degraded fluid.

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