Feb 28

Improved Safety with HT FluidFit

Many process industries use thermal oil to transfer heat around the process plant. However, with factors such as high temperatures, high film temperatures and oxidation, these oils degrade over time leading to loss of thermal efficiency, increased flammability, mechanical failure and costly system downtime.

More importantly, when combined with other system conditions, plant safety can be drastically compromised.

Introducing HT FluidFit.  

Our revolutionary flashpoint recovery service ensures the safe, compliant maintenance of flashpoints in thermal fluid systems, a real alternative to the costly and time-consuming process of fluid disposal and re-filling of systems.

With HT FluidFit, processes remain up and running and the expense of purchasing new oil, along with system downtime, is avoided.

The state-of-the-art rigs work by reconditioning the existing oil via the systematic inline removal of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), returning the oil to a safe condition using innovative ‘flash evaporation’ technology.

With the state-of-the-art fluid conditioning rigs, fluids are maintained at their optimum condition with the potential to extend fluid life by a factor of 10 or more, keeping processes safe and cost-effective.

Not only does the HT FluidFit service reduce risk and improve safety with guaranteed flash and fire points, the rigs allow for extended fluid life and reduced waste by generating consistent heat transfer performance and viscosity and vapour pressure.

To find out more about HT FluidFit and how this can benefit your business, call our expert team on  01298 815862.