Apr 18

International Year of the Periodic Table

Our expertise in chemistry lies at the heart of our work to provide process industries worldwide with a comprehensive range of thermal fluid system support, maintenance and risk management services.

It is our understanding and application of this discipline that supports us in our work to enable customers’ thermal fluid systems to operate cost-effectively, safely and efficiently and to achieve legislative compliance.

This year, our interest in chemistry was piqued by news that in 2019, the periodic table of chemical elements celebrates its 150th birthday.

In celebration of what it bills “one of the most significant achievements in science”, the United Nations has designated 2019 as the International Year of the Periodic Table.

In 1869, Russian scientist Dmitri Mendeleev took all of the known elements – which at the time numbered 63 – and arranged them into a table, mainly by their atomic mass.

One hundred and fifty years on, fundamental shifts in our understanding of matter have led to the elements being arranged according to their atomic number.  And the table now incorporates over 100 elements.

Scientists are currently working to synthesise heavier elements, and if they succeed, the table will change once again.

In the meantime, TFS will continue to apply its expertise in chemistry for the benefit of its growing international customer base, the members of which rely on us to test, analyse and recondition their thermal fluids.

Using pioneering patented “flash evaporation” technology, our HTfluidfit rigs remove volatile organic chemical compounds from thermal oils, restoring their flash points to a safe level.

TFS is one of the few firms in the industry with its own in-house laboratory, and last year we invested in new, industry-leading equipment to further enhance our ability to meet growing customer demand for chemical analysis of the highest accuracy.

Determining the total acid number and water content of customers’ oil samples, our investment in the state-of-the art equipment demonstrates our on-going commitment to develop our in-house testing and chemical analysis expertise.

Our understanding of chemistry is also applied in the development of thermal fluids and the selection of the most appropriate oil for each customer.

If you would like to find out more about how you can benefit from our expertise during the International Year of the Periodic Table, please contact our team on 01298 815862.