Sep 23

We’re celebrating! 25 years of thermal fluid management…

1996 saw…. 

  • The launch of the Nintendo 64  
  • The cloning of Dolly the sheep and  
  • The establishment of Heat Transfer Systems – the business that would become TFS  

Back then many businesses didn’t realise they should be taking regular samples of their thermal oil. The sampling that was done was undertaken by fluid suppliers with vested interests in the results.  

Today independent sampling is widespread and it’s more important than ever to partner with an expert that can interpret results and understand their implications. At TFS we understand, for example, that degraded thermal oil doesn’t always need to be replaced and that oil deemed compliant doesn’t always mean your thermal fluid oil system is safe.  

Experience = insight  

25 years’ experience helping process and manufacturing businesses in highly regulated sectors manage their thermal fluids, means we understand better than anyone why testing should be thermal fluid specific, thermal fluid process specific and consider your operation’s needs. 


TFS Past 

Our passion for innovation has seen us achieve many firsts within the sector. Here are some highlights from over the years:  

1999: we Invented and patented a fluid conditioning rig.  

2000: we delivered our first training and auditing service, today sharing knowledge is at the heart of what we do.  

2003: we delivered our first fluid dryer. 

 2006: we introduced flashpoint recovery to the American market. 

2012: we rebranded as Thermal Fluid Solutions. 

2015: our world-leading PACT™ Programme is created. Find out more about PACT here 

2017: we established Thermal Fluid Solutions Americas under the leadership of Marc Gingras.  

2020: we offered safety critical support to customers managing the operational impact of COVID. 


TFS Present  

Today TFS provides a comprehensive range of thermal fluid system support, maintenance, and risk management services to process industries around the world for customers including Ikea, Dow Chemicals, Cargill, West Fraser / Norbord, and Unilever. Our longevity flows directly from our commitment to understanding our customers’ needs and to creating the technology necessary to meet them.  

When we first started helping customers manage their thermal fluids over 25 years ago, we never imagined the business would expand into North America and develop a globally renowned reputation. Our success demonstrates our passion, knowledge and integrity – our customers trust us and that’s a privilege and a responsibility we never take for granted.’ – Co-founder and Managing Director of TFS, Richard Franklin 


TFS Future  

TFS Americas CEO Marc Gingras explains why there’s no time to rest: 

I am proud to be part of TFS journey because as well as using our expertise to improve safety, efficiency and performance for our customers. However, there is always more to do, and we continue to innovate and drive the development of new technologies which I look forward to sharing with businesses around the world in the months and years to come. ‘ 

 And finally… 

The team here at TFS would like to extend a warm and heart felt thanks to all our customers and suppliers around the world. The relationships we have built with you are the foundations on which our business rests and we look forward to working with you for another 25 years.