Aug 07

Take Safety to the Next Level with the MHTM 2500

Introducing the MHTM 2500…Developed with 21 years’ experience, the freestanding portable thermal fluid flash recovery unit offers enhanced safe results with minimum input.

Featuring stringent dual level safety protection, the rig is different to all other systems that attempt to maintain and recover closed cup flash point degradation. This is due to the MHTM 2500’s unique ability to recover open cup flash points and fire points, meaning fluid can be restored to a temperature that eliminates the risk of fire or explosion should it escape from the system.

The patented TFS method of VOC removal has been proven to achieve higher flash points, much faster than any other method available on the market today. A revolutionary, proactive service for the maintenance and safety of thermal fluids, it offers a real alternative to the costly and time-consuming process of fluid disposal and re-filling of systems.

The MHTM 2500 allows unattended, rapid recovery of thermal fluids delivering optimal results with no system downtime. Not only does the MHTM 2500 offer a cost-efficient and innovative service, it has a reduced impact on the environment compared to other systems. Due to its consistent heat transfer performance, viscosity and vapour pressure, the system minimises waste and extends fluid life.

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