Aug 22

The Continuous Approach To Risk Management

According to Thermal Fluid Solutions’ managing director, Richard Franklin, in a recent media interview: “The standard industry way of establishing best practice is by precedent: look at an incident and learn from it so that it does not happen again.”

But when you’re dealing with thermal fluid systems, this is a pretty risky approach.

Over one ten year period, clients of leading capital asset insurer, FM Global, experienced 54 fires and explosions caused by thermal oil.  This worrying rate of approximately one major incident every two months continued throughout the next decade.

New regulations, such as ATEX (Atmosphère Explosible), have been introduced in the EU requiring operators whose work involves potentially explosive atmospheres to take a proactive approach to risk management. However, elsewhere in the World there are minimal regulations and installations often fall outside of the scope of some regulations.

As the leading global consultant and provider of thermal fluid system support and maintenance services, TFS has been the risk management partner of choice for the process industry for over 20 years.

Our unique continuous improvement approach to the life cycle management of thermal oil helps our customers to increase understanding of their thermal fluid systems, reduce risk of fire and explosion, increase productivity and system efficiency and achieve legislative compliance.

Comprising training, fluid analysis, fluid management and the development of continuous improvement plans, our approach enables customers to ensure the ongoing safety of their thermal oil systems.

For more information on how Thermal Fluid Solutions’ continuous improvement approach can help you to proactively manage your risk, please contact our team on 01298 815862.