Jan 04

Understanding Thermal Fluids

Ensuring that all members of your maintenance teams are aware of the challenges of thermal fluid systems and the risks these can create is paramount to providing a consistently safe working environment. We believe it is vital to have a process that employees follow to ensure the safety of themselves and those around them.

The benefits of understanding your thermal fluid and thermal fluid systems are undeniable. Risk is always present in thermal fluid systems, but by understanding more about the systems and the preventative actions you can take to protect not only your staff, but the systems themselves, you reduce the risk of serious harm.

Furthermore, understanding the causes of degradation and being aware of the symptoms to look out for helps to avoid expensive damage to the thermal fluid systems itself, and as a result, reduces expensive downtime incurred from cleaning and repairing your system.

So, how can Thermal Fluid Solutions help?

HT FluidFit

Thermal Fluid Solutions are proud to have created a revolutionary, proactive service designed to offer effective maintenance and increased safety regarding thermal fluids. With the ability to maintain vital fluid parameters such as flash point, at their optimum condition, HT FluidFit is an efficient alternative to costly and time-consuming fluid disposal and re-filling. HT FluidFit offers reduced risk, improved safety, with no system downtime and can extend fluid life by a factor or 10 or more.

Testing and Analysis

Our experienced engineers can sample the fluid and run a series of relevant tests completed in our purpose-built laboratory. Once these tests have been completed, the most important part of the testing is reviewing the results to help understand what is going on in the thermal fluid system. After analysis, our engineers interpret the results and discuss these with your maintenance team to help understand the preventative steps that can be taken to keep thermal fluids safe and continue to perform at the optimum temperature. The testing and analysis of thermal fluid should always be undertaken by an experienced engineer.

To find out more about how Thermal Fluids Solutions can help with your thermal fluid systems, or for more advice on maintaining thermal fluids, get in touch with our expert team today on 01298 815862.