Jan 18

The TFS Sample Station

Designed for the safe and convenient extraction of thermal oils for testing, the Thermal Fluid Solutions’ Sample Station removes a sample of fluid from the system and allows this to cool, whilst excluding air.

Most thermal fluid systems operate above the fluid’s Closed Cup Flash Point (CCFP) and must be treated on a risk assessment basis. Thermal fluids must therefore be sampled regularly and tested to determine CCFP. Since volatile components (including water) will evaporate if the fluid is exposed to atmosphere close to or above their boiling point, the sample must be removed at low temperature.

Benefits of TFS Sample Station:

  • Safe and convenient – With an inlet and outlet connection to the host system, the system takes a side stream of host fluid, allowing it to cool before safely extracting it from the system for a sample.
  • Free standing – Mounted on a free- standing back plate with integral bund and protective mesh, it can be used free standing or system mounted. Avoiding the need for a cooling water supply offers more flexible connection options to suit your system needs.
  • Approved and adaptable – Certified to PED and ASME vii to 10Bar and 350°C. Made from stainless steel, with compression fittings throughout that allow periodic inspection, maintenance and cleaning.

Through our sampling, testing and analysis service we supply sample bottles and arrange for these to be collected by our courier before being tested in our dedicated lab and providing you with a full report.

Find out more about how we can offer effective solutions to help the maintenance and safety of your thermal fluid system by calling our team on 01298 815862.