Jul 09

Introducing our Pioneering PACT Partner Programme

Did you know fifty four percent of all thermal fluid-related fires and explosions are due to poor system maintenance or training?*

For more than 20 years we have been finding ways to ensure thermal fluids can be safely used for longer, helping manufacturing and process businesses cut operational costs, improve workplace safety and reduce their impact on the environment.

Introducing our TFS PACT Partner Programme.

By joining our PACT Partner Programme, you can benefit from access to a team of industry experts, able to offer your business a range of related site services, fluids and consumables on a global scale. All whilst minimising the risk of fire and explosion associated with the operation of the thermal fluid systems which transfer heat around their manufacturing plants.

Comprising four stages – Essential, Active, Total and Plus – PACT begins with knowledge-building via regular oil sampling and analysis, risk identification and training, offers routine procedural reviews and facilitates continuous improvements in thermal oil risk management via the establishment of the bespoke PACT Partner Programme.

Partners that have already benefitted from the comprehensive package of risk management services include the likes of Arauco, Norbord, Georgia-Pacific, LP Building Solutions and Ikea.

The risk of fire and explosion relates to the fact that thermal fluid systems’ operating temperatures are typically higher than the closed cup flash point of the thermal oil within – the minimum temperature at which, in the presence of a source of ignition (such as electrical sparks or even pump failure) a fluid’s vapours will ignite.

Partners of PACT  are able to operate more efficiently, cost-effectively and in accordance with health and safety legislation. The advice, implementation and compliance paperwork, are designed to make everybody’s lives not only safer, but that bit easier. We’ll be introducing an app that will enable customers to easily access their PACT reports via an online portal, allowing them to maintain and review up-to-date information on their thermal fluid system and legislative compliance.

Our managing director Richard Franklin said: “For over 20 years, we have been finding ways to ensure that thermal fluids can be safely used, helping process manufacturers to achieve health and safety legislative compliance and operate cost-effectively.

“Our PACT Partnership Programme enables customers to take their thermal fluid understanding and management to the next level, allowing them to achieve continuous improvement and operational excellence.”

For more information call 44(0)1298 815862 (UK) or 001 864 516 7506 (US), or download or brochure here 

*FM Global, January 2006, Heat Transfer by Organic and Synthetic Fluids.