Oct 29

Risk Assessment and Management Partner for the Process Sector

TFS is thermal fluid system risk assessment and management partner for many firms in the international process manufacturing industry. We work with companies across a variety of sectors – including panel board and food manufacture – enabling them to operate efficiently, cost-effectively and in accordance with health and safety legislation.

At the heart of this work is our PACT Partner Programme, designed to ensure that thermal fluid systems operate safely and effectively, minimising insurance premiums. Standing for Professional Accreditation Compliance Team, it is the world’s first comprehensive continuous thermal fluid risk assessment and management package, including advice, implementation and compliance paperwork.

A robust risk management strategy is vital in process industries where thermal fluid systems are used.  If not continuously monitored and maintained, thermal oil may over-heat and become prone to risk of fire and explosion.

According to a report by FM Global, over 50% of all thermal fluid related fires and explosions are due to poor system maintenance. Thermal oil’s quality can also deteriorate, compromising the efficiency of the system and leaving it prone to costly and disruptive breakdown.  

Customers will soon be able to easily access their PACT reports on an online portal via a new app, allowing them to maintain up-to-date information on their thermal fluid system and legislative compliance.

Some of our process industry partners have even employed us to develop their own thermal oil standards, which have become a reference for their entire operations, as they strive to further improve the safety, operational and cost efficiency of the thermal fluid systems that generate heat used in the manufacturing process. 

If you would like to find out more about the way in which Thermal Fluid Solutions can help you to effectively manage your thermal fluid risk, please call 01298 815 862.