Mar 11

Panel Board Manufacturers sign up for PACT

The global panel board manufacturing sector now has access to the first ever thermal fluid risk-management system, PACT.

Companies already using the innovative system include Arauco, Norbord, Sonae, Louisiana Pacific and Ikea.

Thermal Fluid Solutions (TFS) PACT Partner Programme includes advice, implementation and compliance paperwork, to help companies operate efficiently, cost-efficiently and in accordance with health and safety legislation.

The PACT (Professional Accreditation Compliance Team) Partner Programme gives process manufacturers access to a comprehensive range of thermal fluid system risk management services.

Comprising four stages – Essential, Active, Total and Plus – PACT begins with knowledge-building via regular oil sampling and analysis, risk identification and training. It offers routine procedural reviews and facilitates continuous improvements in thermal oil risk management.

Customers can easily access their PACT reports on an online portal, allowing them to maintain up-to-date information on their thermal fluid system and legislative compliance.

Said TFS’ managing director, Richard Franklin: “For over 20 years, we have been finding ways to ensure that thermal fluids can be safely used, helping process manufacturers to achieve health and safety legislative compliance, and operate cost-effectively.

“PACT enables our customers to take their thermal fluid understanding and management to the next level, to achieve continuous improvement and operational excellence. The benefits of PACT are already being seen by our customers.”

Benefits of the PACT Partner Programme

  • Continual improvements in thermal oil risk management to prevent a complete failure of your thermal oil systems   
  • Regular review of procedures
  • Knowledge building
  • Full compliance with national and international regulations
  • Reduce business risk and implement cost-saving efficiencies
  • Significant potential reduction in insurance premiums
  • A wider understanding of the impact of your operation on your thermal oil systems





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