May 04

Maintaining Thermal Fluid in Times of Minimal Support

Here at Thermal Fluid Solutions we are continuing to deliver our crucial services to you during this difficult time of COVID-19 and we would like to assure you that the safety of our staff and customers are our top priority and we are closely monitoring all public health and World Health Organisation procedures in relation to the current outbreak.

In times when direct support may be limited, it is vital to ensure that the condition of the thermal fluid is maintained through fluid testing and analysis.

Here, we speak with our Managing Director, Richard Franklin to find out more about the importance of maintaining the condition of thermal fluid condition and how the expert team can continue to support you remotely.  

Through regular thermal fluid testing and accurate analysis, we can use these results to support you to process safely, effectively and efficiently – all critical factors in times of minimal support.

We all tend to assume that because it is a requirement to have our thermal fluids tested, that our responsibility and duty ends there. However, by doing so, we overlook the immense benefits that an informed, system specific analysis can bring in supporting your operations.

A simple, yet effective, set of test results, in the hands of a diagnostic engineer with an understanding of your process, can pinpoint fundamental faults and changes in your system while seated thousands of miles away – improving both safety and efficiency.

We can easily identify changes that indicate the root causes of mechanical and electrical failures, along with alterations in the operation of the system that can identify poor working practices or shortcuts. Most importantly, because we understand the complexity of your system, we can provide detection procedures to quickly identify any operational issues and failures; before production is compromised.

With the safety of our team and customers as a top priority site visits are limited, however your support network is only a call away. We have the ability and expertise to interact with your system and work closely with your process and control engineers ‘real time’ or ‘offline’ to support you in maintaining your systems.

Think of the thermal oil sample as a simple ‘blood test’ to your system; we all know the power of the blood test and how critical it can be. Accurate analysis is everything. In order to do so, there are three vital components which are required for the fluid sample to be carried out:

  1. A representative sample of your thermal fluid taken from turbulent flow at full temperature, which is difficult. Please contact the expert team at TFS who can guide you through this process, maintaining safety.
  2. Ensure that the tests that are being undertaken are relevant and complete for the accurate analysis of your fluid and how it can degrade within your system; most laboratory suites are lubricant tests and incomplete for meaningful analysis.
  3. Ensure that the engineer who is carrying out the analysis and recommendations has the fluid knowledge and an understanding of how it responds to process, the system knowledge and how these change when applied to your system. These identification points allow you to identify potential issues and improve efficiency.

For support and guidance with thermal oil testing and process, please call the expert team on +44 (0) 1298 815862, +1 713-253-3272 or email us at