Oct 09

Understanding the Hierarchy of Protection

Your thermal fluid operation is an integral part of your manufacturing system, and by taking control of the former, you can help to protect the latter.

Your manufacturing system will have in-built safety devices, but it is important to recognise that these may not offer the correct type and level of protection for your thermal fluid operation. 

A thermal fluid system should meet minimum standards of pressure and temperature and it should be closed-loop, with oil safely enclosed. Visual indicators and instrumentation devices should be checked and serviced regularly to ensure that they’re working properly. 

TFS will not only inspect your systems to the above effect, but we will also train your workforce to proactively use your detection devices to identify changes in thermal fluid system variables – and then take the necessary remedial action before your entire manufacturing system shuts down.

In essence, we empower your team to take control and master your system protections, making them work for you in the promotion of safety, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

‘Understanding the Hierarchy of Protection – Mastering Your Safety Devices’ was the subject of a recent webinar delivered by our managing director, Richard Franklin, and TFS America’s chief executive officer, Marc Gingras.

It was part of an ongoing online programme designed to help process manufacturers learn more about the ways in which they can minimise the risks associated with the operation of thermal fluid systems and also run them efficiently, cost-effectively, safely and with statutory compliance.

It can be viewed here, along with others in the series.  New webinars will be taking place at regular intervals and are easily accessible by registering here, where you will also be able to see details of forthcoming events.

For further details, please visit www.thermalfluidsolutions.com/webinars/ or call 44(0)1298 815862 (UK)  or +1 713 253 3272 (US)