Oct 27

Are You Managing Your Thermal Oil Risk?

The efficient operation of thermal fluid systems promotes cost-effective process manufacturing.  And usually, an efficient system is a safe one, incurring minimal risk of fire and explosion and so achieving regulatory compliance and minimal insurance premiums.

To achieve cost-effectiveness via your thermal fluid solution, we advise that you begin by identifying the relevant statutory compliance requirements. Adherence to these regulations – and possession of the relevant paperwork – will mean that should a safety incident take place, you are able to demonstrate that you have been acting responsibly.

Thermal fluid system regulatory compliance involves meeting requirements relating to system pressure, flammable atmosphere, safe operations and maintenance to meet Industry Standards and Best Practices including the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) stipulations. The best way to ensure that these requirements are met is to train your wider workforce – electricians, maintenance and control teams – rather than relying on one person:  the higher the knowledge, the lower the risk.

The second step to cost-effective operation is to take the rules you have set to achieve compliance parameters and make these your key performance indicators.  By so doing, you will make compliance a tool to indicate the health of your thermal fluid system.  As well as achieving compliance, you will also achieve operational efficiently – and both will promote cost-effectiveness.

‘Are You Managing Your Thermal Oil Risk? How Compliance Can Improve Performance and Reduce Costs’ was the subject of a recent webinar delivered by our managing director, Richard Franklin.

It was part of an ongoing online programme designed to help process manufacturers learn more about the ways in which they can minimise the risks associated with the operation of thermal fluid systems and also run them efficiently, cost-effectively, safely and with statutory compliance.

It can be viewed here, along with others in the series.  New webinars will be taking place at regular intervals and are easily accessible by registering here, where you will also be able to see details of forthcoming events.

For further details, please visit www.thermalfluidsolutions.com/webinars/ or call 44(0)1298 815862 (UK)  or +1 713 253 3272 (US)