Apr 12

Introducing Santhosh Boopathi

The demand for TFS’ expertise is growing around the globe – and so is our team. So, we thought it would be good for our customers to get to know a few of us better.

Santhosh Boopathi has joined the TFS Americas team as the Automation & Process Control Specialist and although based in Toronto, works with customers across both the US and Canada. He combines his specialist knowledge of control engineering with his experiences working at large blue-chip manufacturing plants, to help our customers with the implementation of safer thermal fluid systems.

Santhosh is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and a registered Engineer-In-Training (EIT) working on getting his Professional Engineer (P.Eng.) qualification.

A bit of background

A graduate from PSG College of Technology in India, Santhosh went on to do his Masters at National University of Singapore before taking his first role in a big manufacturing plant as a Control Engineer at Hewlett Packard Inc., Singapore.

In 2018, he migrated to Canada and joined Norbord Barwick, a wood panel board manufacturing mill in Ontario, Canada, as Process Control Coordinator. In this role he was involved in improving the processes across the plant, upgrading existing control hardware, performing root cause analysis of persistent problems, and implementing Capex projects at the plant. Much of the work he was involved in on a day-to-day basis was reactive maintenance – working to solve issues once they’d already become apparent. 

But, a natural problem-solver, Santhosh was keen on being more proactive and soon developed an interest in thermal fluids and their analysis. Working closely with TFS further solidified his belief that the informed management of thermal fluids could have a significant impact on the efficiency and safety of plant operations.

Santhosh joined the TFS Americas team to assist customers with this acquired knowledge.

Filling the knowledge gap

Santhosh is confident that manufacturing plants in the processed wood industry would benefit significantly from this knowledge to work more safely, productively and energy efficiently. He explains:

Unlike the applications of high-pressured systems, thermal fluids are used in low pressure systems and there are gaps in the regulations and guidance surrounding them. Bridging this knowledge gap will enable plant managers to pre-empt or identify issues as early as possible thus reducing disruption and avoiding expensive and potentially dangerous situations down the line.’

Santhosh’s expertise and proactive approach to work and life has made him a firm favourite among customers and colleagues already. When he’s not at work he loves to play cricket and since moving to Toronto has started playing at club-level.

Benefits of proactive thermal fluid management

In addition to the huge savings in the often unnecessary filtration or replacement of thermal oils and reduced maintenance and equipment replacement costs, really understanding how thermal fluids behave and interact with systems can prevent catastrophic incidents and ensure systems operates at optimum efficiency, saving energy and reducing your carbon footprint.

To find out more go to www.thermalfluidsolutions.com or call TFS UK +44 (0) 1298 815862 TFS Americas on +1 346-226-4092.