Sep 23

We’re celebrating! 25 years of thermal fluid management…

25 years’ experience helping process and manufacturing businesses in highly regulated sectors manage their thermal fluids, means we understand better than anyone why testing should be thermal fluid specific, thermal fluid process specific and consider your operation’s needs. 

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Apr 26

Can the successful management of thermal fluid systems really provide improved process performance, efficiency and safety?

Thermal fluid systems are an integral part of many manufacturing organisations, providing the process heat required in manufacturing processes. Thermal fluid systems are bought as a utility and as such treated as a constant. But thermal fluid does change and if left, over time can deteriorate. The successful management of…

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Mar 01

Our established Annual Refresher course is now available online

The team at Thermal Fluid Solutions is delighted to make their established Annual Refresher training accessible online, helping to deliver relevant and valuable content, safely and at their customer’s convenience. Richard Franklin, MD at TFS explains, “We understand that on-site visits and training aren’t always practical, particularly during the Covid-19…

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Nov 27

Essential Considerations for a ‘Safe and Successful’ Christmas Shutdown & Start-up

The festive shutdown is a gift for the safe and effective management of thermal fluids.  Not only does it give you the chance to do critical preventative maintenance that will prevent incidents or slow their escalation, it also offers a golden window to test whether systems will react as you…

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Nov 17

Five Golden Rules for Avoiding Catastrophic Events

Prevention – or pre-emption – is better than cure and that’s certainly true when it comes to managing the risks associated with thermal oil systems. At TFS we specialise in developing proactive risk management strategies that safeguard production and avoid serious or catastrophic events arising from their operation. Our approach…

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